how to get from Sheremetevo airport to Moscow

Many tourists arriving in Moscow for the first time worry how to get from Sheremetyevo Airport to Moscow.

In this article I will try to solve your problems so that you feel calm in Moscow and do not worry about problems that have an easy and simple solution.

If your plane arrives Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO), you can get to Moscow by public transport or taxi.

The bus from Sheremetevo

the bus is — the usual transport for residents of Moscow, you try it inexpensive way to travel. Stops of buses are near the arrival hall of airport.

You can take the bus to the metro station River Station. Travel time about 1 hour, travel cost 35-80 Russian rubles () You can pay for the trip with a special transport card Troika, but the driver also accepts payment for travel cash rubles

Yrain Aeroexpress

Convenient way to get from Sheremetyevo Airport to Moscow — Aeroexpress train.

Terminal Aeroexpress is found in a row with the airport building. It can be accessed from the airport by special crossings. The entrance to the aeroexpress station is marked with indicators in the terminal building. In case of difficulties airport staff are always ready to help you. Aeroexpress train tickets are sold at the station ‘s ticket offices. Payment in cash rubles and bank cards

price of travel in a car of class Standard — 500 rubles.

If you travel in two, it will be more profitable to buy a pair ticket, for two passengers. Cost of pair ticket 900 rubles

By the aeroexpress train can be reached from Sheremetevoairport tostationОдинцово(Odintsovo). Along the way the train makes stops at the stations District, Savelovskaya and Belarusian railway station. The station railway station(in russian — Belarusskaya was convenient because it is on the ring line of the Moscow subway. It can be reached anywhere in Moscow.

Taxi from Sheremetevo

If you prefer to get to the right place by taxi,Use the services of a reliable taxi ordering operator

the fixed taxi cost

From Sheremetevo airport to center district of Moscow 29 USD

fromSheremetevo to Domodedovo airport —>37 USD

fromSheremetevo to moscow northern district — 29 USD

Driver will meet you in the arrival hall with a sign

the language barrier is absent

There is no need to explain to the driver your destination,Information about the place you need is recorded in the order voucher

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